About EP

          Program History          

Benchama Maharat School received approval from the Ministry 
of Education to open a Mini English Program (MEP) in 2546 B.E. 
In the first year, the school opened 2 classrooms of Mattayom 1 
students, accepting 60 students into the program. The school followed 
the fundamental educational curriculum as set by the ministry of 
education while using English as a medium of instruction of or 
Mathematics, Science, and English. 
        Due to the success of the MEP, the school continued to open 
2 new classrooms each year and the program expanded to include 
M.2 and M.3. There are currently 6 classrooms. Two classrooms each 
of M.1, M.2, and M.3 with 30 students in each classroom. 


The current EP building is equipped with the following: 
-6 classrooms (AC, computer, and multimedia equipment) 
-Computer lab (30 computers) 
-Science Lab equipped with various scientific apparatus 
-Library/study room 
-Basketball court/recreation area 


-English Adjustment Camp for new students 
-Friendly Match (annual sports and games .     competitions) 
-Christmas/New Year Celebration 
-Match and Science Competition 
-Intensive English Camp for M.1 

-Ubon City Tour
-Discovering Bangkok 
-Exploiring Asia 
-Regional/National Academic Competitions
-English Camp